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State Screening Resources

In addition to the extensive screening services we offer, you may also want to include in your risk management strategy the checking of other state agencies that may have relevant information. Access to records maintained by state agencies is determined by state law and therefore varies from state to state. Call or write them for information about their requirements and restrictions.

Sex Offender Registries

Federal legislation like the Jacob Wetterling Act (1994) and Megan's Law (1996) mandate that states make private and personal information on registered sex offenders available to the public.

The National Sex Offender Public Registry  is a cooperative effort among state agencies and the federal government that consolidates sex offender information from the individual states that can be accessed through a single website.

Maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice, the site allows a user to submit a national query to obtain information about sex offenders through many search options, including name, county, city, name and zip code. It returns a profile of the sex offender, including conviction data. To link to their website, click here.

Child Abuse Reporting

If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, you should call your local Child Protective Services (CPS) agency or the CPS agency in the state in which the abuse occurred. Each state has jurisdiction over these matters, and has specific laws and procedures for reporting and investigating. In some states, all citizens are "mandated reporters" by state law and must report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Federal agencies have no authority to intervene in individual child abuse and neglect cases.

Provided below is contact information, phone numbers and hotlines for state child abuse and neglect agencies. Please help us keep this information up-to-date by reporting any changes you discover to our webmaster.


Department of Human Resources
Bureau of Family & Children Services
50 Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 242-9500


Local office of Family and Youth Services
In-state: (800) 478-4444 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (907) 269-3900 (24-hour)


Regional office of Child Protection Services under the AZ Dept. of Economic Security
(888) 767-2445 (24-hour)


Department of Human Services
Central Registry
PO Box 1437, Slot 830
Little Rock, AR 72203
(800) 482-5964 (24-hour)


Department of Social Services
Office of Child Protective Services
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 657-3661


Division of Child Welfare
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 866-5932


Department of Human Resources
Department of Children and Youth Services
170 Sigourney St.
Hartford, CT 06105
(800) 842-2288 (24-hour)
TDD/Hearing Impaired: (800) 624-5518 (In-State)


Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families
Child Protective Services
62 Rockford Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19806
In-state: (800) 292-9582 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (302) 577-6550 (24-hour)

District of Columbia

DC Police Department
Youth Division
1700 Rhode Island Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20018
(202) 671-7233


Florida Abuse Registry
(800) 962-2873 (24-hour)


Department of Human Resources
Child Protective & Placement Services Unit
878 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 894-5672


Department of Social Services
Family and Children Services
Hot line: (808) 832-5300 (24-hour), or report to island police department.


Department of Health and Welfare
Regional offices (26 field offices / 7 regions).
For information and referral to regional offices, call (208) 334-5700


Department of Children and Family Services
Division of Child Protection
State Central Register
406 E. Monroe St.
Springfield, IL 62701
In-state: (800) 252-2873 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (217) 524-2606 (24-hour)


Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
Division of Family and Children
In-state: (800) 800-5556
Out-of-state: (317) 232-4429


Local office of Department of Human Services
(800) 362-2178 (24-hour)


Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services
Child Protection and Family Services, Youth Services
Topeka, KS 66603
In-state: (800) 922-5330 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (785) 296-0044


Local Department for Social Services
In-state: (800) 752-6200
Out-of-state: (502) 564-2136


Regional offices of Child Protection Services
(504) 925-4571 (24-hour)


Department of Human Services
Children's Emergency Services
Nationwide: (800) 452-1999 (24-hour)
TTY: nationwide (800) 963-9490


County Office of Department of Social Services
In-state: (800) 332-6347


Department of Social Services
24 Farnsworth St.
Boston, MA, 02210
In-state: (800) 792-5200 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (617) 232-4882 (24-hour)


Department of Social Services)
In-state: (800) 942-4357 (24-hour)
Our-of-state: (517) 373-3572 (24-hour)


County office of Department of Human Services
First Call for Help: (651) 291-0211 (24-hour)


County office of Department of Human Services
In-state: (800) 222-8000 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (601) 359-4991 (24-hour)


Department of Social Services
Child Abuse and Neglect
Broadway State Office Building
P.O. Box 88
Jefferson City, MO 65103
In-state: (800) 392-3738 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (573) 751-3448
Parental Stress Helpline In-state: (800) 367-2543


Department of Family Services
Child Abuse & Neglect Program
P.O. Box 8005
Helena, MT 59604
In-state: (800) 332-6100 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (406) 444-5900 (9 am -5 pm)


Department of Social Services
Child Protective Services
1001 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68508-3649
In-state: (800) 652-1999 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (402) 471-9196 (9 am - 5 pm)


In-state: (800) 992-5757 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (775) 684-4400

New Hampshire

Department of Health and Welfare
Division for Children and Youth Services
Health & Welfare Building
6 Hazen Dr.
Concord, NH 03301
In-state: (800) 894-5533
In-state After Hours: (800) 852-3388 (24-hour)
Out-of-state After Hours: (603) 225-9000

New Jersey

Division of Youth and Family Services
50 E. State St. - CN717
Trenton, NJ 08625
(800) 792-8610 (24-hour)
TDD/Hearing Impaired: (800) 835-5510

New Mexico

Department of Human Services
Social Services Division
Santa Fe, NM
In-state: (800) 797-3260 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (505) 841-6100 (24-hour)

New York

Department of Social Services
Division of Family and Child Services
40 N. Pearl St.
Albany, NY 12243
In-state: (800) 342-3720 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (518) 474-8740

North Carolina

Department of Human Resources
Division of Social Services
Child Protective Service Unit
325 N. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
(800) 662-7030

North Dakota

Department of Human Services
Child Abuse and Neglect
State Capitol
Bismarck, ND 58505
In-state: (800) 245-3736
Out-of-state: (701) 328-2316


Department of Human Services
Child Protective Services Unit
Bureau of Children Services
65 E. State St., 5th floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-9824


Department of Human Services
Division of Child Welfare
P.O. Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
In-state: (800) 522-3511 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (405) 841-0800 (24-hour)


Department of Human Resources
Children's Services Division
198 Commercial St., SE
Salem, OR 97310
In-state: (800) 854-3508
Out-of-state: (503) 378-6704


Department of Public Welfare
Child Abuse Central Registry
Lanco Lodge, 3rd floor
P.O. Box 2675
Harrisburg, PA 17120
In-state: (800) 932-0313 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (717) 783-8744 (24-hour)

Puerto Rico

Department of Social Services
Family Services
P.O. Box 11398
Santurce, PR 00910
(809) 724-0303
(809) 723-2127
(809) 724-1333 (24-hour)

Rhode Island

Department of Children, Youth, and Families
610 Mount Pleasant Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
(800) 742-4453 (24-hour)

South Carolina

Department of Social Services
Division of Child Protective and Preventive Services
1535 Confederate Ave.
P.O. Box 1520
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 898-7318

South Dakota

(605) 773-3227


Tennessee Department of Child Services
Child Abuse Hotline: 1-877-237-0004
Cordell Hull Building
7th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-9701


Department of Human Services
Children's Protective Services
7901 Cameron Rd., Building 3, 3rd floor
Austin, TX 78761
In-state: (800) 252-5400 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (512) 834-3784 (24-hour)


Department of Human Services
Child Abuse
2835 S. Main
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(800) 678-9399 (24-hour)


Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Division of Social Services
Waterbury, VT 05676
In-state: (800) 356-6552
Out-of-state: (802) 241-2131


Department of Social Services
Child Protective Services Unit
8007 Discovery Dr.
Richmond, VA 23229
In-state: (800) 552-7096 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (804) 786-8536 (24-hour)


Social and Health Services
Division of Child and Family Services
Children's Protective Services
Mail Stop 5710
Olympia, WA 98504
(800) 562-5624 (24-hour)

West Virginia

Department of Health and Human Resources
Office of Social Services
State Capitol Complex, Bldg. 6, Rm. 850
Charleston, WV 25305
In-state: (800) 352-6513 (24-hour)
Out-of-state: (304) 558-7980 (8 am - 5 pm)


Department of Health and Social Services
Children, Youth, and Families Bureau
Office of Child Abuse and Neglect
1 W. Wilson St.
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 266-3036


Department of Family Services
Youth Services Division
Hathaway Bldg.
2300 Capitol Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0490
In-state: (800) 457-3659

If you still need help, please call:

Childhelp® USA National Child Abuse Hotline
TDD: 1-800-2-A-CHILD

Childhelp® USA is a non-profit agency and is not involved in investigations by any government agency. Hotline counselors can provide state or county reporting numbers or other referrals.

background checks
Many believe that any sound risk management strategy should start with a thorough background investigation of clergy and other church workers before they are hired.

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