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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the background investigation?

When we receive a request to start a background investigation, we immediately mail to the candidate the appropriate materials to complete. The key is how quickly the candidate completes and returns these materials. Once we receive these materials, the background investigation generally takes three to four weeks to complete. We do all we can to expedite the process. The candidate and their references are provided with postage-paid return envelopes and are encouraged to respond via toll-free fax.

Who has access to the background investigation file and its contents?

The confidential background investigation file is physically kept in a secure storage facility here in Minnesota. The file and all of its contents are the sole property of the church that requested the background investigation. No information is released to any other party (including the candidate) without the written permission of an authorized representative of the church. The candidate acknowledges their understanding of this when he/she signs the Authorization/Release on page one of the Applicant Questionnaire.

Can we make changes to the forms and/or questions asked?

Though the screening model illustrated here is consistent with what many in the religious community are utilizing, we recognize that the screening documents may need to be modified to better suit the needs of your organization. We would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Most of our clients are Dioceses, Annual Conferences, Regions, and Synods that coordinate the ordering of background checks for all of their affiliated congregations. Our fees are approximately 25 percent lower for these clients as we are able to capitalize on economies of scale. An individual church ordering a minimum of 25 background investigations at one time will also qualify for lower fees. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

Can you perform investigations on persons outside the United States?

Yes, we process these background investigations the same regardless of where the person resides. However, international background investigations typically take longer to complete.

Will our insurance premiums be lower if we screen all church employees?

Probably. Any measures you take to significantly lower your risk should be reflected in your premium. Call your insurance agent/underwriter for a determination. We are aware that some insurance companies require background checks as a condition of providing sexual misconduct coverage.

background checks
Many believe that any sound risk management strategy should start with a thorough background investigation of clergy and other church workers before they are hired.

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