The United Church of Christ and affiliated organizations have historically been very proactive in combating sexual misconduct within our Church. To facilitate the completion of certain screening recommendations that appear in the Parish Leadership: Safe Churches Policy Guide and Making Our Churches Safe for All document, the leadership of the UCC have chosen to work in cooperation with Oxford Document Management (ODM), a Minneapolis, Minnesota based screening company with a proven track record of service to the broader religious community.

A message from Oxford Document Management:

For over 25 years ODM has worked exclusively with religious organizations seeking independent and comprehensive background checks of clergy, prospective clergy, church staff, and volunteers. This work is our ministry and our objective is to provide you with background information on your candidates that is the most reliable, timely, and modest in cost. And although the work we do is rather complicated, we strive to keep things as simple as possible for you.

At ODM, we differ from the competition in several key areas:

  • All public record searches are ordered by our experienced staff after a thorough, hands-on review of the information gathered both from the candidate and a social security trace. To rely solely on one or the other will most likely result in overlooking searches in key jurisdictions.
  • All public record searches are performed real-time and in-person by our network of experienced court researchers. We do not rely on potentially outdated or incomplete databases (those so called instant reports promoted by other vendors).
  • We offer free unlimited consultations, and have no minimum usage requirements. Call us at any time with your questions: 1-800-801-9114
  • We strive for the highest level of personal attention and customer service.

We are sincerely honored to work in cooperation with your denominational leadership to develop an online registration process that has been customized for UCC organizations.

If you are a UCC organization that would like to establish a relationship with ODM then please click here.

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