The Background Reference Check Process

We administer the background referencing process for our clients as follows:

  1. We customize and immediately mail to your applicant the following forms:
    1. Applicant Questionnaire, on which the applicant signs an authorization/release, and is asked to answer questions concerning various forms of misconduct. Please note that the information shown in brackets is customized for each client according to the parameters of their request. View Sample Questionnaire
    2. Identification Form, on which the applicant provides us with a list of their schools, employers, organizations and religious supervisors according to the parameters of your request. The applicant also certifies the accuracy of the information provided.
    3. Authorization to Release Credit and/or Motor Vehicles Records (optional)
    4. Authorization to Conduct Criminal Records Check (optional)
  2. When we receive the properly completed forms from the applicant, we will immediately:
    1. Send you a copy of the completed applicant questionnaire if there is any "yes" answers or comments. This is an important document that should be made part of your permanent employment records.
    2. Prepare and send via first class mail a Reference Questionnaire to each reference identified by the applicant asking them to answer the same questions posed to the applicant. A copy of the applicant’s signed authorization/release and a postage-paid return envelope is also provided to each reference. NOTE: We sign this questionnaire on behalf of your Primary Church Contact person.
    3. Perform any optional services you have selected.
  3. If any of the applicant’s references fail to respond to our first written inquiry within approximately three weeks, a reference questionnaire marked “Second Request” will be prepared and mailed to them via certified mail. We also sign this questionnaire on behalf of your Primary Contact person. A letter is also sent to the applicant to make them aware of these non-responding entities, and the applicant is asked to facilitate the process by contacting those entities and encouraging them to respond.
  4. ACTION: Any reference questionnaires we receive from either the applicant or their references that contain any “Yes” answers or comments (whether favorable or unfavorable), will be forwarded by first class mail to your Primary Church Contact person. When this process is complete, a Final Report is prepared that summarizes the findings of the entire background referencing process.

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