Providing Quality Service to Our Clients

Hundreds of clients within numerous faith traditions have turned to us for the independent and confidential administration of background investigation programs on their behalf. These and other faith traditions have begun to take meaningful action to better understand, prevent, and eliminate sexual misconduct by their clergy, church workers and volunteers. When sexual misconduct occurs within the Church the consequences are devastating – not only for the individuals involved, but also for families, the parish, the denomination, and the community at large. This violation of trust can precipitate a true crisis of faith that destroys the victim's faith in God, the Church, and religious leaders in general.

Our clients believe that any sound risk management strategy should start with thorough background checks of applicants before they are hired.

We provide quality service and view our clients as partners. We encourage you to call any of our existing clients for an opinion of our work. Here are just a few of the clients we serve:

The Episcopal Church
Armed Forces and Federal Ministries
Melvin Stephen
(202) 459-9998
Diocese of Albany
The Rev. Meaghan J. Keegan
(518) 692-3350
Diocese of Arizona
Ms. Dawn Jackson
(602) 254-0976
Diocese of Atlanta
The Rev. Canon Alicia Schuster Weltner
(404) 601-5320
Diocese of California
Mrs. Denise Obando
(415) 869-7804
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania
The Rt. Rev. Audrey C. Scanlan
(717) 236-5959
Diocese of Connecticut
The Rev. Cn. Tim Hodapp
(203) 639-3501
Diocese of Dallas
Ms. Amy Maceo
(214) 826-8310
Diocese of East Carolina
Mrs. Jimi Paderick
(252) 522-0885
Diocese of East Tennessee
The Rev. Canon Patricia Grace
(865) 966-2110
Diocese of Eastern Michigan
Ms. Angela Krueger
(989) 752-6020
Diocese of Fond du Lac
Mr. Matthew P. Payne
(920) 830-8866
Diocese of Hawaii
The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick
(808) 536-7776
Diocese of Iowa
The Rt. Rev. Betsey Monnot
(515) 277-6165
Diocese of Kansas
Ms. Michele Moss
(785) 235-9255
Diocese of Lexington
Ms. Kathleen Luchtefeld
(859) 252-6527
Diocese of Long Island
The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano
(516) 248-4800
Diocese of Los Angeles
The Rev. Thomas Quijada-Discavage
(213) 482-2040
Diocese of Louisiana
The Rt. Rev. Shannon Rogers Duckworth
(504) 895-6634
Diocese of Maine
Ms. Barbara Martin
(207) 772-1953
Diocese of Maryland
The Rev. Canon Stuart W. Wright
(410) 467-1399
Diocese of Massachusetts
Mr. David Ames
(617) 482-5800
Diocese of Michigan
Ms. Beth Rowley
(313) 833-4435
Diocese of Milwaukee
Ms. Graicey Van Spankeren
(414) 272-3028
Diocese of Minnesota
The Rev. Canon Karen Olson
(612) 870-3304
Diocese of Missouri
The Rev. Canon Joseph Chambers
(314) 231-1220
Diocese of Montana
The Rev. Canon Mikayla Dunfee
(406) 442-2230
Diocese of Nevada
The Rt. Rev. Elizabeth B. Gardner
(702) 737-9190
Diocese of New Hampshire
The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld
(603) 224-1914
Diocese of New Jersey
Ms. Mirelle White
(609) 394-5281
Diocese of North Carolina
Ms. Catherine Massey
(800) 448-8775
Diocese of Northern Indiana
The Rev. Canon Terri Bays, PhD
(574) 233-6489
Diocese of Ohio
The Rev. Percy Grant
(216) 774-0455
Diocese of Oklahoma
The Rev. Canon Betsy Randall
(405) 232-4820
Diocese of Oregon
Ms. Tracy Esguerra
(503) 636-5613
Diocese of Pennsylvania
The Rev. Canon Jane Gober
(215) 627-6434
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Andrea Rath
(412) 721-0853
Diocese of Puerto Rico
The Rt. Rev. Rafael L. Morales
(787) 761-9800
Diocese of Rhode Island
Ms. Kristin Knudson
(401) 274-4500
Diocese of San Diego
Ms. Keren Mondaca
(619) 481-5455
Diocese of South Carolina
The Rt. Rev. Ruth Woodliff-Stanley
(843) 259-2016
Diocese of Southern Ohio
Ms. Ann Sabo
(513) 421-0311
Diocese of Southern Virginia
The Office of the Bishop
(757) 213-3381
Diocese of Tennessee
Ms. Sandra Beld
(615) 251-3322
Diocese of Texas
Ms. Millie Longoria
(713) 353-2146
Diocese of Upper South Carolina
The Rev. Canon Stephen J. Rhoades
(803) 771-7800
Diocese of Vermont
Ms. Kathy Torrisi
(802) 863-3431
Diocese of Washington
Ms. Kathleen Hall
(800) 642-4427
Diocese of West Missouri
The Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce
(816) 471-6161
Diocese of West Virginia
The Rt. Rev. Matthew Cowden
(304) 344-3597
Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Ms. Karen Warren
(413) 737-4787
Diocese of Western Michigan
Ms. Catherine Cameron-Heldt
(616) 319-2006
The United Methodist Church
Central Texas Annual Conference
Ms. Kathy Ezell
(817) 877-5222
East Ohio Annual Conference
The Rev. Marelize Bruner
(440) 223-8262
Great Plains Conference
The Rev. Karen Jeffcoat
(785) 414-4215
Holston Annual Conference
The Rev. Terry D. Goodman
(865) 690-4080
New York Annual Conference
Mrs. Gail Doulgas-Boykin
(914) 227-9847
Northern Illinois Annual Conference
The Rev. Derek Rogers
(815) 955-2129
Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference
The Rev. Karen Dize
(410) 708-4184
West Michigan Annual Conference
Ms. Sus'ann Busley
(517) 347-4173
The Roman Catholic Church
Diocese of Bismarck
Fr. Jordan J. Dosch
(701) 516-4388
Diocese of Crookston
Fr. Matt Schmitz
(701) 893-5006
Diocese of Rockville Centre
The Rev. Sean Magaldi
(516) 678-5800
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Alaska Synod
The Rev. Michael Keys
(907) 272-8899
Allegheny Synod
The Rev. Paula Schmitt
(814) 942-1042
Caribbean Synod
Mrs. Mildred Padilla
(787) 278-8300
Central States Synod
The Rev. Barbara Jones
(913) 948-9701
Central/Southern Illinois Synod
Ms. Laura Lee
(217) 753-7915
Delaware-Maryland Synod
The Rev. Robin Simpson-Litton
(410) 230-2860
East Central Synod of Wisconsin
The Rev. Amy Engebose
(920) 734-5381
Eastern North Dakota Synod
Ms. Alia Bartell
(701) 232-3381
Grand Canyon Synod
The Rev. Deborah Hutterer
(602) 957-3223
Greater Milwaukee Synod
Ms. Mary Romskog
(414) 671-1212
Indiana/Kentucky Synod
The Rev. Dr. Cory Driver
(317) 253-3522
Lower Susquehanna Synod
The Rev. Dana Blouch-Hanson
(717) 652-1852
Metro Chicago Synod
The Rev. Kyle Severson
(773) 248-0021
Metro New York Synod
S. Dcn. Gayle Ruege
(212) 665-0732
Minneapolis Area Synod
Ms. Peg Ihinger
(612) 870-3610
Montana Synod
Mr. Colter McCarty
(406) 453-1461
N/W Lower Michigan Synod
The Rev. Rosanne Anderson
(517) 321-5066
New England Synod
Mr. Mark Winzler
(508) 791-1530
New Jersey Synod
The Rev. Dr. Christa Compton
(973) 635-5889
North Carolina Synod
Mrs. Wendy Roberts
(704) 633-4861
Northeastern Iowa Synod
Ms. Alison Pettit
(319) 352-1414
Northeastern Minnesota Synod
The Rev. John Dietz
(218) 724-4424
Northeastern Ohio Synod
The Rev. Angel Jackson
(330) 929-9022
Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod
The Rev. Peggy Wuertele
(610) 266-5101
Northern Great Lakes Synod
The Rev. Katherine Finegan, Bishop
(906) 228-2300
Northern Illinois Synod
The Rev. Julie Monnard
(563) 505-9045
Northwest Intermountain Synod
Ms. Cathy Steiner
(509) 838-9871
Northwest Synod of WI
The Rev. Randy Olson
(715) 859-6810
Northwestern Minnesota Synod
The Rev. Karla Mickelson
(218) 299-3019
Northwestern Ohio Synod
Mrs. Cheryl Sondergeld
(419) 423-3664
Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod
The Rev. Michael Lozano
(814) 589-7660
Oregon Synod
Ms. Jemae McCanna
(503) 413-4191
Pacifica Synod
Ms. Carol Youngman
(714) 692-2791
Rocky Mountain Synod
Ms. Yvonne Wilken
(303) 777-6700
Sierra Pacific Synod
The Rev. Manda Truchinski
(650) 302-5419
Slovak Zion Synod
Dr. Andrew White
(860) 482-6100
South Carolina Synod
Mrs. Jenny Spearen
(803) 765-0590
South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
Ms. Robyn Zimmerman
(608) 270-0201
Southeast Michigan Synod
The Rev. Donald Kreiss
(313) 821-1055
Southeastern Iowa Synod
Ms. Jodi Schuman
(319) 338-1273
Southeastern Minnesota Synod
Ms. Cheryse Brenno
(800) 426-6376
Southeastern PA Synod
The Rev. Karen Sease
(267) 323-3737
Southeastern Synod (GA)
The Rev. Jill Henning
(404) 589-1977
Southern Ohio Synod
The Rev. Connie Mentzer
(614) 714-3157
Southwest California Synod
The Rev. Brenda Bos
(818) 507-9591
Southwestern MN Synod
The Rev. Kathryn Skoglund
(507) 637-3904
Southwestern PA Synod
The Rev. Peter Asplin
(412) 367-8222
Southwestern Texas Synod
Ms. Deanna Zitelman
(830) 379-9900
Southwestern WA Synod
Ms. Allison Kies
(253) 535-8300
St. Paul Synod
Ms. Krista Lind
(651) 224-4313
Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital Univ.
Mrs. Susanna Mayo
(614) 236-6101
Upper Susquehanna Synod
The Rev. Vickie Brown
(570) 524-9778
Upstate New York Synod
Ms. Julie Grindle
(315) 299-4955
Virginia Synod
The Rev. Kelly Bayer Derrick
(540) 389-1000
West Virginia/Western MD Synod
The Rev. Edward Sheehan
(304) 363-4030
Western Iowa Synod
Mrs. Kay Broich
(712) 732-4968
Western North Dakota Synod
The Rev. Brad Dokken
(701) 223-5312
United Church of Christ - Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization
Serve entire denomination
The Rev. Elizabeth Dilley
(216) 736-3841
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - Office of Search and Call
Serve entire denomination
The Rev. Warren Lynn
(888) 346-2631
Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
Serve entire denomination
Dr. Michael Reynolds
(423) 478-7166
Unitarian Universalist Association
UUA- Executive Vice President
Mr. Carey McDonald
(617) 948-4304
UUA- Ministerial Credentialing Office
The Rev Dr. Jonipher Kupono Kwong
(617) 948-6402
Polish National Catholic Church of America
Eastern Diocese
The Rt. Rev. Paul Sobiechowski
(603) 668-5087
Western Diocese
The Rt. Rev. Stanley Bilinski
(847) 698-0578
A.M.E. Zion Church
Eastern North Carolina District
Bishop Richard K. Thompson
(919) 554-8994
Mid-Atlantic I District
The Rev. Dr. Lamar D. Lee
(708) 802-9873
Piedmont District
Bishop George W.C. Walker, Sr.
(704) 599-4630
Western District
Bishop Clarence Carr
(314) 867-8067
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Homestead Presbytery
The Rev. Dr. Richard Wyatt
(402) 474-0612
Missouri Union Presbytery
The Rev. Deborah Boucher-Payne
(573) 635-9221
Presbytery of Scioto Valley
The Rev. Kathy Nice
(614) 5621775
Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area
Mr. Bill Davnie
(612) 871-7281
Anglican Church in North America
Churches for the Sake of Others
Ms. Katie Haseltine
(615) 968-5348
Diocese in New England
The Rev. Cn. Ross A. Kimball
(978) 388-0650
Diocese of Christ Our Hope
The Rev. Canon Ben Bowman
(919) 619-3711
Diocese of Fort Worth
Mrs. Dale Ward
(817) 244-2885
Diocese of Mid-America
Ms. Cathy Heissenhuber
(972) 248-6505
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Mrs. Sarah Kwolek
(412) 281-6131
Diocese of Quincy
The Very Rev. Patrick L. Smith
(217) 224-7856
Diocese of San Joaquin
Hephzibah Hovsepian
(559) 244-4828
Diocese of the Great Lakes
The Rev. Mark Scotton
(330) 665-2227
Diocese of the Living Word
Ms. Brenda Dobbs
(703) 459-4689
Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic
The Rev. Cn. Greg Hampton
(703) 590-5470
Diocese of the South
The Rev. Canon Sean George
(770) 466-8584
Diocese of Western Anglicans
Ms. Jenna Vazquez
(562) 438-6756
Gulf Atlantic Diocese
The Ven. Dr. Jessica Jones
(407) 616-0262
International Diocese
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Atwood
(972) 446-2267
Bethel Baptist Church, MN
Mrs. Caryn Nelson
(507) 345-4011
Christ Presbyterian, MN
Mr. John Schmanski
(952) 920-8516
Maple Grove Lutheran
Mrs. Sarah Myslicki
(763) 420-7930
The Aloha Foundation
Ms. Gretchen Grote
(802) 333-3400
The Anglican Mission
The Rev. Ryan Owsley
(972) 584-0605
The Associated Church
Ms. Tawn Eikel
(507) 451-1546
The Browning School
Mr. John Campbell
(212) 249-6879
Zion Ev Lutheran Church (CT)
Mr. Randy Bock, Sr.
(203) 270-4931
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